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Welcome to Our Exotic Egiptian Furniture Gallery

Egyptian Furniture & Home Decor • Jewelry & Perfumes • Incense & Oils & Much More!!


 Do you need something unique and exotic in your home or office?  All Eyes on Egipt is exactly what you're looking for. As an independently owned and operated, Egiptian Furniture Gallery we guarantee fast, friendly service and unbeatable prices.

Our Exotic Egyptian Furniture Galleria
When you want the best in Egyptian Furniture and Merchadise, All Eyes on Egipt is the only name you need to know. From our authentic, handmade jewelry to our fragrant perfumes, we offer the best of Egiptian merchandise. See our quality selection of Furniture and Home Decor, and you'll agree that our Egyptian Gallery offers only the most desirable items from Egypt. As a partner of the NCH and Presumption of Innocence Legal Defense Foundation, we dedicate ourselves to quality.

When you arrive at All Eyes on Egipt in Monticello, Georgia, you can either browse the internet via our wireless connection or relax in the Temple of Khnum and Anubis. Enjoy the black-lit Atmosphere with complimentary refreshments. All Eyes on Egipt treats you like Egiptian royalty.

   "The Egipt of Monticello" is an experience you'll always remember!

All Eyes On Egypt
All Eyes On Egypt

Our Egyptian Perfumes, Jewelry, & More!
With 11 years of experience, our Exotic Egyptian Galleria offers a complete selection of home furnishing and home decor for any taste or style. We know you're looking for something new and unique, so we fill our gallery with a huge variety of exotic Egyptian merchandise. From our authentic egyptian furniture, designed and manufactured in Egypt, to our beautiful perfumes and jewelry, we have the perfect solution for a hard-to-find gift idea. Whether you enjoy our huge variety of books, health and beauty products, All Eyes on Egipt has something for you!

All Eyes on Egypt

If you're looking for an Exotic Egiptian Gallery or a great atmosphere, contact us or visit our Monticello, Georgia, location today!


Our Exotic Egiptian Gallery Offers:

         Wireless Internet Connection        
    Complimentary Refreshments         
Music CD'S/DVD Movies
Beauty and Bath Products
Inter-Natural Hairstyles

Body Products
Sudanese Oil

Exotic Funiture & Home Decor

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 10a.m. – 6 p.m.

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